Envestors is a FCA regulated corporate finance adviser in the UK and operates an international network of sophisticated investors investing a minimum of £25,000 in high growth unquoted companies seeking £500,000 to £10m in equity funding. Envestors CI is the offshore arm of Envestors, located in the Channel Islands.

Envestors has been enabling investors to stay close to high growth opportunities for over 10 years. During that time it has raised over £90M and built a network of almost 2,500 sophisticated investors.

Envestors works closely with highly innovative and inspiring business people, both as investors and entrepreneurs, and believes that the perfect combination of experienced investors and smart businesses creates the greatest propensity for success. Envestors has seen companies grow exponentially and investors achieve remarkable returns.

Driving towards the next generation of private investing, Envestors has designed Envestry, an intuitive online investors platform, to help investors stay ahead of the market, track down the best investment opportunities and better manage the equity portofolio from investment through to exit. Using the latest cloud technology, the investors platform is both secure and fully compliant with FCA standards.